COVER: No One Dies Alone
Spread Two: No One Dies Alone
Cover Art for UW Medicine Advancement Magazine
The project included two double page spreads in addition to the cover for the print magazine as well as the featured article in the UW Medicine's Digital Magazine.

Here are the thumbnails that became the inspiration for the final paintings.
Light Sources and Temperature
Setting up the photo-shoot for this project was tricky. You don't just show up in an ICU at a hospital and start shooting. Our team was allotted one hour in an ICU room in the middle of the afternoon. Although we were thrilled to have the access it was not exactly ideal for the evening lighting that I had planned to create the emotion needed to make this project a success. So in order to create the atmosphere needed, I build little dioramas of each scene to see where the shadows fell and the warm and cool shadows. Bingo! It made all the difference in this project's success.
It's the glazing that creates the illumination effect.
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