When Infections Target a Pregnancy
This image was created for a magazine article concerning a mother's immune system and how it protects her baby from viruses in the womb. Illustrations were created traditionally, sketching with pencil on paper. Final images were scanned and uploaded into Photoshop. Color and and final composition built in Photoshop and Procreate. 
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Phase 3, Color and Typography: Final elements included in composition. Consideration to color pallet, typography is applied to final composition with consideration to medium and platform criteria.
Phase 2, Discovery/Revision: After committing to a direction, options were considered based on their changes. 
Phase 1, Concept art/thumbnails: Three directions are presented that solve the visual problem differently. Feedback: Version one seemed too harsh. Version two concept and composition was liked, it didn't focus on the pregnancy. The third solution was picked because the image addressed the immune system directly with a baby and the viruses, best meeting the objective.
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